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Pledge to spend an extra 30 minutes quality time spoiling your pet each day and take part in fun activities all while raising funds for assistance dogs for kids.

Celebrate your pet's impact in your life and follow along with our weekly themes (or create your own). Take PAWt, post pics of your quality time and raise funds right throughout September. There’s $5,000 in prizes for our fave pics of the week PLUS heaps of rewards to earn!

How to take part

Sign up, share your page and ask your friends to support you in your PAWsome journey
Make a PAWsonal donation of $25 or more when you sign up to earn an exclusive Petember bandana
Take PAWt in our weekly challenges and share on socials
Fundraise for assistance dogs for kids with Autism or anxiety to earn rewards
Post your pics daily or once a week with a link to your fundraising page for your chance to WIN (the more times you share your page and pics, the more chances you have to WIN!)

Check out our weekly themes

We've created weekly themes and ideas for the month of September - follow along or create your own!

Upload your pics with a link to your fundraising page and a call for donations to support kids in need of assistance dogs with #VarietyPetember for your chance to win. Feel free to theme up your pics with props, accessories and even social stickers. 
Don’t have a Facebook or Insta page? Upload your pics directly to your fundraising page!


Week 1

PAWsome Adventures


Week 2

PAWsitivity for Pets


Week 3

Work PAWtners


Week 4

FURshians on the PUPwalk

PAWsome Adventures

30 Minute #VarietyPetember challenge

Week 1  - PAWsome Adventures Week

Every day should be a pets day out! This week your 30 minute a day challenge is to give your pet a little adventure each day from walkies to couch time to a nommy PUPPacino treat!

Ideas to get you started:

  • Take your pet on an adventure every day – to the pet-friendly café or pub, beach, hiking, walking, in your own home (sometimes the couch or hooman bed can be a great adventure for your pet!)
  • Choose your own adventure! Want to get creative? Think about your pets PAWsonaility and imagine their dream adventure – is your dog Maverick from Top Gun or Bill and Ted going on an excellent adventure.

PAWSitivity 4 Pets

30 Minute #VarietyPetember challenge

Week 2  - PAWsitivity Week

This week your daily challenge is to spend 30 minutes giving your pet their best day ever. Show us what it looks like when your pet is living their best life and capture it all in an image (or 7!).

Ideas to get you started:-

  • Pet day spa - everybody loves a massage!
  • Special moments – take your pet to their favourite spot or play with their favourite toy
  • Find a new way to make your pet happy
  • Take some pics with a sign telling the world a PAWsitive thought from your pet
  • Celebrate your pets fave feature – cute nose, sqwooshy face, big smile
  • Friends FURever cuddles and snuggles with you and your pet
  • Treats for our sweets – capture that PAWlease face!

Work PAWtners

30 Minute #VarietyPetember challenge

Week 3  - Work PAWtner Week

We all know our pets are our best PAWtners in life – from work outs to working from home. Celebrate their working efforts by spending quality time as you get to work this week.

  • Take your pet to work
  • Spend time with your pet WFH
  • Work out with your pet
  • Run errands together
  • Get your pet to work - Create a backyard obstacle course
  • Teach your pet a new trick (top tip – use your SCHMACKOS treats to get them motivated!)

FURshians on the PUPwalk

30 Minute #VarietyPetember challenge

Week 4  - FURshian Week

It’s PUParazzi time, get those outfits out and strut your stuff on the CATwalk. Choose from our themes or create your own.

  • PUP stars
  • Something that begins with P
  • SPAWty
  • SuPAW heroes
  • Red PAWpet
  • PAWsome person

Benefits to YOU

Did you know, even thinking about your pet makes you feel more positive! Just having your pet on your mind boosts your mood!

Spending just 15 - 30 minutes time with your pet has been shown to decrease levels of cortisol (a stress-related hormone) and lower blood pressure. Other studies have found that pets can reduce loneliness, increase feelings of social support, and boost your mood. 

Whether meeting in the park with your friends or happily fielding pats and chats at the local cafe, pets make you more connected with your community.

AND Your pets make you healthier and more active - whether it's getting out and about on walks or PAWsome adventures or playing inside!

Benefits to Your Pet

Dedicating extra special quality time with your pet makes them happier and healthier!

It goes without saying that the more time we spend with our pets, the happier they are! BUT did you know that spending extra time with your pet benefits them mentally, physically and emotionally?

Pets who are are not active or engaed have an increased risk of depression and a decreased overall quality of life. Games, activities and extra time keeps your pet fit, stimulates their mind and increases their overall bond with you!

More simple ideas to spend time with your pet

  • Hide small portions of your pet’s food or treats in different areas of your home for them to find
  • Play with cat toys like feather wands that promote natural behaviour
  • Tug of war or fetch with soft toys
  • Place food treats in puzzle toys such as a to encourage problem-solving skills
  • Appreciate them! Share your favourite things about your pet on your Petember page and socials
  • Keep learning - Practice short bursts of training each day
  • Give your pet a massage - they love it!
  • Paint or draw a pet portrait for a special bond
  • Pet friendly baking - create your own healthy treats!
  • Take a nap together - everyone loves extra cuddle time!
  • Play hide and seek - stimulate your pets mind and sense of fun!
  • Create an obstacle course - cardboard boxes are a great start!
  • Keep it going - Pets thrive on routine, and establishing a daily playtime or exercise routine will improve their emotional well-being. 

Earn Treats and WIN Prizes

Take the challenge and upload your pics on your fundraising page or socials with #VarietyPetember for your chance to WIN $5,000 in prizes including online shopping sprees at FuzzYard!

Take PAWt Today

Pledge to spend 30 minutes a day quality time with you pet this Petember to celebrate the impact your dog has on your life, all while changing the lives of kids in need of assistance dogs!

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